Jim & Amy Purdy

Amy and I were discussing the issue of preparation for God’s work in our lives. He often gives His people dreams and ideas of what He has planned for their future. Sometimes we have a dream – sometimes a vision – sometimes a pulsing desire; but always it is God who births the vision for us. Then what?

For too many it means launching out into the sea – but without the ship! We get so excited about God’s plan for us that we forget to make the needed preparations. How many times have we seen young people leave Bible College to enter ministry before they were properly trained? How many people have launched ministries before they were prepared for the work? How many people have become discouraged and walked away from God’s plan because they did not make provision for the work?

When God puts it upon our hearts to complete a task for Him it does not automatically follow that we are ready for that task. We still need His training and anointing to accomplish His will. So, we need to take the time to prepare ourselves properly for the assignment. By prayer, fasting, Bible study and praise we will develop the skills and attitude needed for God’s work. Remember, God is infinitely patient and will take all the time He needs to get us ready to accomplish His masterpiece in our lives.

It is important to realize that God often tells us well in advance of our mission so that we have time to prepare. And rest assured that He takes time in preparing us for the task at hand! He has plenty of time (even though we often are in a rush) for the fulfillment of a dream. When we jump out into the deep too soon we are destined for frustration and failure.

Don’t wait until you’re out at sea to discover you haven’t built the ship!



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