God has been speaking to our hearts abut distractions within the Body of Christ. These distractions keep us from the primary purpose of God’s will for all the members of the Body and that is making new disciples in Christ and fellowship with Him. I think we can all agree that the message that Christ I the only way to salvation and the only way to heaven is accepted by all evangelicals (I hope). But other “messages” are used to divided us and keep us from our ministry of reconciliation.

The enemy has always used distractions as a way to keep Believers from accomplishing their true assignments in Christ.  We must become aware of this attack from the enemy and guard our hearts against such distractions whatever they may be.

The distractions take various forms but always have the same purpose; to take us away from our purpose in Christ – to make disciples.

Our hearts are broken as we see ministers and ministries spend countless hours defending positions and debating issues that are not pertinent to the Gospel message. I hesitate to name such issues because debates will begin to rage about each issue as individuals line up on one side or the other to declare their allegiance. I thought our allegiance was to Christ as the Head of the Body of Christ!

The Apostle Paul said that we were not ignorant of the devil’s schemes ( II Cor. 2:11) yet we see Believers worldwide falling for those same schemes daily resulting in the failure of delivering the message of the Gospel of peace to a world without peace and without hope.

Let our hearts be ruled by the Holy Spirit and preach the message of Christ in love to a world desperate for real love. Let us spread the Word of God abroad revealing God’s salvation message to a lost and dying world. Let us show the world what loving Christ is all about – without useless debates trying to prove idiomatic points that have nothing to do with God’s love for sinners and His way of escape through the Cross of Calvary.

If this message offends you I do not apologize because you are probably one of those working hard to defend a debate point rather than rescue a lost soul from the clutches of darkness. But I do not offend you without reason; for my message to you is to return to your first love (Christ) and your first obligation (to make disciples in all the earth).

The person offended first was me as I sought to prove certain theological points until the Holy Spirit caught me and slew me by His great love to spend time making disciples of and for the Kingdom of God rather than prove my theological talking points. I thank God for His mercy and grace.

Let us not fall into “camps” of disagreement that only leads to distractions taking us away from God’s call to reconciliation for the world. Let us rather come together in unity of faith in order to win the lost at any cost. Let us refuse distractions and become attracted to the beauty of Christ’s message of salvation and deliverance from sin.


Jim & Amy



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